Friday, 23 August 2013

Fun at Office!

If you're following me, you'd know that I'm leaving my job soon for some good. Resignation and Knowledge Transferring tasks are going on AND meanwhile I'm serving my notice period here, we had some AWESOME fun at office.

An add-on to the things I'd miss and always remember of my Office. :-)

Indian Independence Day was celebrated with a theme of dressing up as per different states of the country. We were given Maharashtra and I was happy to get a distinctive state where the culture and outfits are so prominent, colorful and vibrant.

I must say that I'm never never afraid to wear Indian wear. ;)

Here are few pictures from the day: An Odiya girl turned to Marathi Mulgi ;)

me :-)

Women dressed in other State's outfits :)

Close friends :) All marathi's

Everyone was in great spirits :)

Hehe... police and dacoit from Chhattisgarh :P with the beautiful ladies 

I like this photo, only I closed my eyes :(

Our room :)  Jai Maharashtra :D

People had put such great efforts to dress up. I really loved the time we spent. :-)
I didn't invest much on what I wore but just got dressed in what I already had. By the way the nose ring i.e. the typical marathi nath I'm wearing has been DIYed. :P

Tanuja :-)