Friday, 4 April 2014

ladies day out - 2

our various mood

Me and Archana
A hungry Liza


it was yummy! 

the place

Day 2: March 8

At Chennai we had to drop few of my sister's bags for her forthcoming textile exhibition. Also it involved meeting the 4th friend here. So finally we reached the place and my sister's friend greeted us, helped us with the luggage and was kind enough to offer his place for us to freshen up. We had to catch another train same day to reach our final place. In between we had 4 hours. We thought to see a beach which was an hour away but somehow we messed up in communicating with the auto-wallah and finally met my school friend Archana at the nearest mall. [Archana is a very old and dear friend of mine from school. We were friends in standard 5th and she went off in transfer. There was a long gap and later we got connected from facebook and since then I had waited to meet her] 

From there we went for a Kerala lunch of Appam. Appam is traditional Kerala food made from  fermented rice batter and coconut milk. It was Yum! Meeting Archana afer ages was strange and a nice feeling.  We talked all kind of nonsense and old days. We were kids then still memories were good fresh. :-) it was a very short meet and I promised her to meet again in Chennai when I'm back. Suddenly I see my watch and damn we were late to catch our train. We got back to room took our bags and were off to Railways Station. We ran and got the train in last min. Phew! 

Till now we have only been travelling and running .. ! 

Tomorrow morning we'd reach Ernakulam at 3.00 am!

to be continued ... 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

ladies day out -1

Hey folks,

I know I know, I again took a long break from blogging but then there were so many adventures going on with life. Wildlife charity exhibitions, crazy friends hangouts, Jungle trip-outs and the one I'm sharing is right now is a out-of-my-comfort-zone, crazy, risky and one hell out of a adventurous trip. 

a dreaming me ...
This part of my life is called 'CrazY'   !!

A year back three girls decide to go on a trip to meet a fourth girl and continue the journey to new places. Again they plan this year but unfortunately two of them got busy and were unable to make it. The rest two are dissapointed as they wanted to go out desperately out of their usual routines and experience the new. Their tickets were done and not spoiling their mood further they made their mind to finally make the trip. Four ladies travelling in India sounded good but two did not.

There was a little worry, anxiety and tension going on with me, yet we managed to overcome it with some planning, management and above all 'Excitement'! India is not a very travel friendly place especially for women. But nevertheless we decided to be warrior queens and went ahead. 

So finally the plan was Bhubaneswar to Chennai (I had to attend my sister's textile exhibition. For that I had to drop two of her bags there)- Chennai to Ernakulam- Ernakulam to Chennai then back to our city.

Day 1:
We started our journey from Bhubaneswar to Ernakulam (Cochin). We had a nice time gossiping and eating all junk food that are sold in the trains and in between stations. :-) We missed our third friend because we three were quite close and  used to have lots of fun together. Anyways we moved on. We had loads of luggage so keeping an eye on it we slept off. It was an overnight journey and we had to get down at our station around 9 am.

The pictures show liza and me and the scenery experienced on a typical train journey in India. :-)

to be continued ... 

Tanuja :-)