Tuesday, 26 May 2015

'Sikkim' Tour - Nathang Valley

Continuing from ... Sikkim tour #1

The best thing I experienced in my Sikkim birding tour with Goingwild was snow fall in 'Nathang Valley'.

On the 3rd day of our trip, we traveled to 13,500 feet to this paradise. I wasn't expecting snow at all and was I quite afraid of the cold. Yet when I saw and experienced it, I was like a kid getting excited to see my first ever snow fall :-) I was so so happy. I bought a woolen cap and hired snow boots. Yet it was super cold and at night it fell to minus degrees. We did some day time birding and night landscape photography too. It such an awesome feeling :-) 
As it wasn't a fruitful place for birding because of the snowfall, we stayed the night and left for Zuluk the next day.

Check my bird pictures here -- > Birds of Sikkim

> Part-2 : Nathang Valley <

   ~ Love Love Love ~

I was just too happy ! :-) Just sank in that feeling!

Snow started from here... Thambi View point :) Here a panoramic view to Mt. Kanchenjungha is visible, but snow and fog made it impossible that day. Read here.

Friends posing :)

On the way... isn't this gorgeous!

The beautiful sight around... the animal is a Yak

An old Monastery !

A local lady with her child, just after the snow fall paused :)

The view around ~Loved it.

Me :)

View from our window !!

Our little snow man! That was quite a team effort :D

Tea worked like magic there! Aren't these cups brilliant!

The stunning windows!

Cozy eating times

Returning ~

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

'Sikkim' Tour - Zuluk

Hey folks, I was out on a travel spree and to one of the most beautiful places in India i.e 'Sikkim'! 
We went to Zuluk and Nathang Valley, a terrain of more than 10,000 feet at lower Himalayas in East Sikkim.

"It was once a transit point to the historic Silk Route from Tibet to India." Read more Here and Here.

It was a tour package with GoingWild group which organizes wildlife and birding trips. That means one goes to watch and moreover ‘photograph’ the wildlife/birds species of the place. :-) But besides that you'll be enjoying the beautiful places, people and local culture!

Check my bird pictures here -- > Birds of Sikkim

Going uphill you experience the hot weather getting cold and keeps getting cold till you feel like wrapping yourself in layers. The weather gets pleasant in a way. Our driver was a good guy, his mother; our home-stay aunty was sweet and motherly, our home was simple, warm and welcoming, food was homely and the view was breathtaking, surrounded by mighty mountains which get engulfed in fog anytime.

With an enthusiastic group and experienced group leader Dibyendu Ash, we explored the place, saw lots of beautiful birds, photographed them as well as learned about them. We also had memories of a lifetime. Rain, snow, earthquake ... lots more to share! Let the pictures speak :)

> Part - 1: Zuluk <

Near our home-stay... isn't the background gorgeous!

Buddhist Prayer Flags.

These pretty flowers were everywhere!

A cute home on the way at Rongli.

Furry, cuddly dogs :-) I love dogs!

.. and dogs love me :)

The Silk Route at Zuluk! It was a spectacular view ...

Evenings were equally enchanting

some beautiful flowers

Kangchenjunga seen from a distance, it's the second highest mountain in Nepal after Mount Everest.

A local lady working

The beautiful ways and the pretty homes!

I found these very interesting!

The group :)

Aunty teaching us how to make Momos!

And we had some authentic yummy Momos.

Homely food

The top view of the place.

Me :)

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