Friday, 28 August 2015

Artisan Craft Exhibition: By Hand, from the Heart

My new venture got another great chance to showcase and sell my work. My sister who is a textile designer and pro in her field was having her exhibition at Chennai, India. Read more here.

She offered me a chance to sell my art works too and I started working upon it. More base fabrics, more paints and I was working in my full-swing super excited!! I even made hand-painted sarees this time with motifs of birds, dragonfly etc. While my Eco-friendly canvas bags were mostly of birds and abstracts.

Finally we reached there, had a good stay, settled up our stall and had a superb show :)
It was a great experience to exhibit my hand-crafted products there. A lot of people to interact and deal with. The response was great and sale too. My paintings were appreciated by all age-groups and bird-bags were certainly a hit! I even got later orders :)

Sharing some pics from the two day Chennai event ~

The Exhibition was: By Hand, from the Heart, Chennai, India.

Image Courtesy: By hand, from the Heart
Media Attention: The New Indian Express! Photo courtesy : By hand, from the Heart

My publicity Poster

My sister's beautiful collection of  sarees, stoles and dresses and my hand-painted bags and sarees.  ~ Photo courtesy : By hand, from the Heart

Exhibition there!

Me in my hand-painted deer saree!

More stall pics! we changed the arrangements in between.

Two of my dear friends, Me and my Sister. Archana and Smruti who stay in the city visited the exhibition. Love to them <3

Clicked unaware :P  Photo courtesy:By hand, from the Heart

Some bags!

Some Sarees!

We couldn't click much pictures but you can check out more awesome pics of the event here!  They had lots and lots of amazing stalls.

Will post some product pictures in my next post :)
Meanwhile I'm open for bag orders! leave me a message with your e-mail ID.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Back with my 'Tote Bags' !

Hey friends,
Sorry for being absent from blog. I actually got involved in a small business of my own and was busy setting it up. Finally got time to share all my adventures here. :-)

Besides being a photographer, I started a proper business outta my interests of sewing and painting; when a city bookstore gave me a chance to exhibit my hand-painted bags! They are Walking BookFairs. They have a neat little space which is a book store plus an open hangout place. They travel across in a van full of books to spread the word of reading habit. Read more - here! 

So they had this 'Book Mandi' coming up i.e. a flea market kind of event for a week. I decided to make and put up my bags there for sale, which I already make since a long time for myself. It was time to make more and promote myself as an artist and entrepreneur. An experiment to see how things go and I wasn't expecting much. :)

Fortunately, luckily, and with the love of my family and friends It worked out. My friends loved it. They came, they bought my bags, ordered and were happy with my initiative :) Special thanks to the Walking BookFair guys, for without them it wouldn't have been possible. You see one needs a charger to get things done. That was this! I'm happy :)

I had another event after that, will share the experience in next post :)

Promotional poster

My setup at the event place!

The Book store and the people visiting.

Me there :P

A friend with my bought bag :) :)

More friends :)

And they took for their friends :)

Had to pose :D

The shack - books, tea and art works on sale.

From a news clipping :)